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Congratulatory message from Hon. Chairman of the Buddhist Brotherhood Sri Lanka to His Excellency the Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi, who is celebrating the 71st birthday today.

His Excellency Sri Narendra Modi,
Prime Minister Of India.

Your Excellency,

Sathawasthacha ayca!

We are extremely gratified in extending this message of best wishes on the happy occasion of your seventy first birthday today.

It is an auspicious day because Mother India blessed her people and the world at large a son who would , with a clear vision, tread the right path to achieve economic prosperity, democracy, peace and military strength while maintaining excellent bilateral relations with her neighbors in the region including Sri Lanka.

We Sri Lankans always remain grateful for the health, rehabilitatin, reconstruction and infrastructure development provided from your administration and also other timely assistance at crucial times.

We whole-heartedly wish that you live long to lead India and see a hundred autumns and more.

May the noble triple gem bless you and your country.

With metta

Dr. Damenda Porage
Sri News
Sri Lanka

Sri News


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